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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy Used Instruments ?

Answer : Yes we sell brand new as well as used instruments.

How long does it take for an order to be delivered ?

Answer : Depending on your location, delivery takes anything from 12 hours (Less than a day) to 72 hours (within 3days). If you are in Lagos, you can get your order delivered the same day. maximum is 72hours in any case.


Can I Test Before Paying ?

Answer : Yes . We offer pay on delivery service and you are allowed to test used items before making payment. You can test new products as

well but where in a carton or sealed, you can only test after you make payment as removing the carton or seal means you have

bought the item. Except where there is a factory error or other rare occurrencies.


Can I Swap ?

Answer : Yes we swap but only if the item was purchased from us and still within the warranty period.


Can I Pay With A Cheque ?

Answer : No, We understand the circumstances that might warrant issuing a cheque but unfortunately, we do not accept cheques at the moment.


Can I Pay instalmentally ?

Answer : No, at the moment, all payments are to be made in full. We do not accept instalmental payments or offer a payment plan.

Can It Be delivered to Me ?

Answer : Yes, it can be delivered anywhere as long as you are in Nigeria.


Is There Guarantee ?

Answer : New instruments come with 6months guarantee while used items come with 3months guarantee. The guarantee

period can be extended by paying an additional fee.


Do you Do Payment On delivery ?

Answer : Yes, we accept payment on delivery option for most of our products.


Do you sell refurbished Instruments ?

Answer : No, we deal only in new and used products and we currently do not sell refurbished items.


Can I Sell My instrument To PianoMan ?

Answer : No. At the moment, we do not buy products from the general public but you can swap an instrument you bought from us if it is still within the guarantee period.


Can I Rent An Instrument ?

Answer :  No. We might offer this in the near future but at the moment, we do not rent out instruments.