Cleaning and Avoiding Yellowing of Piano Keys

Having a Grand Piano in the living room creates a wonderful creature space. Pianos

are perfect for all kinds of decors and themes. However, cleaning the piano is a bit of a

challenge. The discoloration of the piano takes away all the charm.


We have two types of piano keys: the ivory and the plastic keys. The plastic keys are

smoother than the Ivory keys. Today we’ll be talking about how to clean the yellowing

of the plastic keys and avoid its discoloration. Here they are:

  • Mix a cleaning solution: Fill a bowl with warm water and drop one or two of mild dish soap.


  • Dip a soft white cloth into the cleaning solution, then thoroughly wring the cloth till its damp not wet to avoid seeping between the keys.


  • Use a white cloth not a colored one because a colored cloth may transfer dye to your keys and discolor them.


  • Brush down the White keys back to front. Do not swipe side to side, it can transfer moisture between the keys. Do not swipe backwards either.


  • Clean the black keys with a separate white cloth. This is important because if you use the same cloth to wipe both keys, black paint can stain your white keys.


  • Wipe off any soap residue with a dry cloth. Make sure you wipe back to front to avoid getting anything in between keys


  • Cover the keys to prevent dust.











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