Korg SP170-88 – Key Digital Piano


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Keyboard: 88-key digital piano

Polyphony: 120 notes maximum polyphony

Tones and Songs: 10 high-quality sounds

Special Features: Reverb and chorus effect

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Korg SP170-88 – Key Digital Piano

Korg SP170-88 – Key Digital Piano have launched a simple, yet elegant digital piano that makes use of Korg’s signature stereo sampling technology to provide a good budget price instrument that still delivers excellent results.

Korg is no newcomer to the digital, electronic instrument market. With many years of innovative technology, they have constantly produced a range of instruments that have superior tone quality and touch sensitivity, making them the envy of their rivals.

Compact enough to fit into smaller spaces, it offers the market a quality instrument that offers a great alternative to purchasing, a cumbersome acoustic instrument, that is not properly tuned and may need constant maintenance.

Korg have trimmed the instrument down to the bare essentials needed to produce a good quality digital piano and kept some standard features for creativity.

They have not skimped on the essentials of good tone and touch and as such one can be assured of purchasing a well-made, good sounding instrument.


Korg have used their stereo sampling technology to mimic the sound and feel of an expensive grand piano. The sound is warm and rich and leaves a very satisfying sense of realism with the musician.

Korg has transferred their research into sound reproduction from their more expensive models into this entry level machine. This sets a new standard for entry level instruments that no longer sound cheap and will only benefit the industry as a whole.

The instrument also boasts 120 notes polyphony allowing for very little drop off of sustained notes during play. Users will find the similarity in response to acoustic instruments quite satisfying.

This does drop to 60 notes if stereo is being used, but even 60 notes is more than most entry level electronic keyboards, which start around 32 notes and often hover around the 48 note mark.

The higher polyphony allows users to play relatively advanced works with long sustained passages and high note complexity and not lose any notes along the way.

All other tones such as Electric Piano, Harpsichord and Strings, also come from the samples created by Korg in their more expensive stage pianos and synths and the passing down of technology has given a high level quality of sound across the options available on the SP-170S.


The Natural Hammer action technology of all of Korg’s entry level keyboards provides a pretty sturdy and solid response from the keys that really gives them a superior touch response in comparison to many or their rival brands.

The SP-170S is no different and offers the feel of a high quality upright piano, with an even graded response that feels heavier in the bass and lighter in the upper registers.

Korg have refined the Hammer Action response of their keyboards to a point of near perfection and have demonstrated the ability to use this technology in cheaper instruments over the years.

Entry level instruments used to only have a pressure sensitivity or velocity-sensitive response but now a weighted action is the minimum criterion for almost all digital pianos on the market.

In my opinion, the SP-170S could be a choice for the best weighted piano keyboard in the under $500 price range.

Korg remain ahead in producing an authentic touch that replicates the response of an acoustic instrument. Despite other top digital piano brands following on from Korg’s lead in touch technology, Korg still have an edge in accuracy even on their entry level instruments.

Technical Specifications of the Korg SP-170S

  • Keyboard: 88 notes (A0–C8)
  • Touch: Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) Touch Control Three Level (Light, Standard, Heavy)
  • Sound System: Stereo Sampling Maximum Polyphony 120 notes / 60 notes (Stereo)
  • Sounds: 10 Total; Piano x 2; E. Piano x 2; Harpsichord; E. Clavichord; Vibraphone; Pipe Organ; Electric Organ; Strings
  • Effects: Reverb; Chorus (Effect depth is preset for each sound)
  • Demo Songs: 10 songs (1 per sound)
  • Key transpose
  • Pitch control
  • Inputs/Outputs: Jacks Headphone/Line output x 2; MIDI OUT; Damper Pedal connection MIDI Out Amplifier
  • Speakers: 9 Watt × 2 Speakers 10cm x 5cm Oval x 2; Bass Reflex
  • Power Supply: DC 12 V Power Consumption 9 W
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 1,312 × 325 × 144 mm / 51.65″ × 12.8″ × 5.67″
  • Weight: 12 kg / 26.45 lbs
  • Accessories: AC adapter, Music stand, Pedal switch

Features of the SP-170S

  • The instrument provides 10 high quality sounds for performance use. It has a quick play button so that users can return to the default piano tone in an instant.
  • The touch sensitivity can be adjusted in three level settings in order to adjust the sensitivity for those who play heavier or lighter on the instrument.
  • An extra chorus and reverb feature also allows for some alternative shaping to the original tones.
  • The high quality speakers offer a reasonably spacious sound and give substance to the sound. And the keyboard housing structure is designed to complement the improved sound quality from earlier models.
  • Dual headphone sockets allow for two people to listen to performances in complete privacy. This can be useful for a student-teacher setup where the need for privacy is paramount or people in close proximity may not want to be disturbed by the lesson.
  • The sockets can also be linked to an external recording device or to an amplifier for increased volume if required.
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    by Mhizta Fabz

    This is the cheapest digital piano i’ve ever seen.

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    by Hazeal

    Someone should wake me from this day dream. I can’t believe a keyboard with great features like these is sold for this price

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