Top Five Best Pianos in the World


There are so many piano brands and products all over the world. But here we’ll have a list of the best pianos based on the Length, Size, Number of keys, Number of sounds. Here they are:

  • Yamaha YDP – 143R Arius = This features a Graded Hammer standard, although there are no actual hammers in it, the keys have been meticulously weighted to feel like acoustic keys. This means there are more in the bass and less in the treble. Other qualities include: Simple, elegant cabinetry like acoustic piano; Digital pianos with no need for tuning, no need for maintenance or where to place; Automatically turns off in any case you forget to turn the piano off after a while.


  • Yamaha P115= An 88-key piano, fully weighted with lower keys weighing more. It has a music stand and sustain pedal included. It has a pure CF sound engine. It has on it’s predecessor the higher polyphony count at 192 keys. The P115 connectivity options are many and makes for computer connection much easier than any other.


  • Yamaha P71= The cheapest piano from the ‘P’ line. It’s a full sized electrical piano having 88 realistic action keys. The P71 is slim and has a light weight body style, quick response and control over the touch of the fingers on the keyboard; easy to record creations using the duel mode function


  • Casio Privia PX 860= This is well known for it’s impressive sound quality. it also features as a hall simulator. It gives Classical sound to those playing Jazz music, has four powerful speakers, keys with ivory feeling, multi dimensional Air sounds, Triple sensor keyboard.


  • Yamaha P45B= A very popular piano with beginners and also professionals. An 88 weighted keys with USB usage and makes sounds perfect for all learners. It also includes: A headphone, foot pedal, stand to ease setup as possible, capable of playing 64 notes of Polyphony.



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